Meredith Corporation (Kraft Foods)

Julie works with The Meredith Corporation for various clients, including Kraft, WalMart, Eagle Brand and Food & Family Magazine. Here, Deb swoops in to do last minute repairs while Paul preps for close-ups on the food.

Summer's Best on Food Network Canada

Julie hosts this cooking, eating, hot-tubbing, cliff-jumping summer food series. Here, Jake (camera), Tony (director), Scott (audio) and Julie pose as if it was all work and no fun, when in fact, it was pretty much the opposite. Julie is holding Jake's heavy camera because he is very delicate.

The Eatles for TVOKids

Julie does her best George Harrison impersonation along with Patty (Paul), Phil (John) and Gisele (Ringo). Directed by Drew Mullin for the long-running Bod Squad series on TVO Kids. Drew knows his Ed Sullivan, eh?

TVOKids Live

This giant wolf licked Julie's face repeatedly during a 02:30 live interstitial segment while she attempted to maintain her composure. And her dignity. There was also an agitated lemur on her head during the following segment. Documentation of that fiasco shall remain sealed.

SWEAT for OLN & TSN and AOL Online

A sports series that features interviews with Olympic athletes, gear guides and training tips. Julie enjoyed perching on top of the large aluminum studio set pieces. (But never inside the A-hole. That would have been inappropriate.)

Surprise! It's Edible Incredible! for CBC and BBC Kids

Julie hosts, everyone eats! This series is Iron Chef-like culinary combat and insane obstacle fun. Comedian Mike Paterson (Mr. Gross) and Chef (Alex) made every day in the studio hilarious. And sometimes disgusting. You watch and decide.

Julie loves martial arts.

Here she is practicing her flying side kick. Sometimes people say stuff like, "Well! I'd hate to run into YOU in a dark alley!" Which doesn't make any sense, because she's one of the good guys and would defend you. What are you doing hanging around dark alleys anyhow?

Julie likes to surf.

And here she is surfing a small but fun wave at a top secret sandbar off the coast of Fire Island. If you send five of her favorite chocolate bars, she'll trade you for a sandbar.